About TechPresident

TechPresident is one of the most far-reaching independent tech portals. TechPresident has reached a large community in the tech industry with several million visitors a year since it was founded in 2004 and reports on the latest developments in tech, digital, and social media daily.

TechPresident covers the entire spectrum of the digital lifestyle every day and brings its readers closer to the world of technology with experience, know-how, and joy. The main categories include “Tech News”, “Gaming”, “Streaming”, “Apps”, “Software”, “How-to guides” and “Digital Privacy” not only keep you updated regarding the latest events in the industry but also about the latest technology trends.

Values: independence, diversity, transparency.

The editorial team has three clear principles in its work.

  • Independence.  We are not dependent on advertisers or clicks: We do not have banners billed per click. Accordingly, we don’t have to write what is clicked. Instead, the editors decide what is relevant regardless of economic interests – even if a niche topic may not reach many readers.
  • Diversity.  We are proud of our diversity. Many different authors have their say at TechPresident – regardless of gender, origin, or age. Anyone who has a good and relevant story will find the necessary space at  TechPresident to accommodate it.
  • Transparency.   TechPresident stands for credibility. We don’t do hidden things. Advertising contributions are marked as “advertisements”, affiliate links are marked with an asterisk *, travel expenses, and loan test devices are made public.

History: We know where we come from.

Our long history is important to us. A wide variety of people have worked on TechPresident for more than a decade and continue to continuously develop the brand and the magazine and make it better. Our story can be roughly divided into two chapters: 2004 to 2015 & 2017 to today.

2004 to 2015 – TechPresident was started by Andrew Rasiej and Micah L. Sifry as a cross-partisan group blog covering how the 2008 presidential candidates were using the technology and vice versa, how content generated by voters affected the campaign.

On May 1st, 2015, the founders of TechPresident announced the launch of Civicist, a hub for news and analysis of the civic tech world. With this announcement, they discontinued TechPresident, the group blog and news site that we started in 2004 to focus on how tech is changing politics.

2016 until today – Since the site was not operational after the launch of Civicist, the founders handed over the website to Hammad Baig (Founder Sproutica LTD) to start a new journey while keeping the old content archived.

Sproutica LTD: Our background.

Sproutica LTD owns TechPresident. We focus on building content sites and SaaS solutions. The business is registered in London (UK), Detroit (USA), and Pakistan (along with the Pakistan Software Export Board).

Our Office Addresses

Sproutica LTD
Mirza Hammad Baig

Dialogue is important to us: talk to us.

The dialogue with you is very important to us. Do you have a question, criticism, feedback, or would you like to talk to us about cooperation? Please use the contact us page.