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First POST: Reshaping

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, August 11 2014

BuzzFeed's plans to conquer all media; BellingCat, an open-source citizen journalism startup; what Facebook news feed is doing to our brains; and much, much more. Read More

Was That Political Ad Over the Top? New Survey Promises to Answer Straight from Voters' Mouths

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, July 24 2012

Similar to the way many news sites now ask visitors to flag stories as funny, discouraging or provocative, a new project plans to poll Internet users for their reactions to selected political ads.

Vanderbilt University and polling firm YouGov are launching a project that will ask a representative sample of 600 Americans to give their reactions to each of a number of controversial and "game-changing" ads, selected by the polling team and with the help of Republican consultant Fred Davis. Their responses will be collected through online surveys, and the results will be posted on the web.

The project could help researchers develop a more nuanced view of the effectiveness of ads, said Ken Goldstein, president of Kantar Media. The big mistake in looking at political advertising often is, he said, that "we were just counting bombs." This project "gives you the potential to make that more nuanced -- this particular ad aired this many times but is rated in these different ways."

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