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Seventeen online debates and counting...

BY Editors | Saturday, September 15 2007

It's time to set the record straight on the history of online political debates, in the wake of press reports and claims that this week's Yahoo!/HuffingtonPost/Slate debate was the first. Read More

Daily Digest: 9/14/07

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, September 14 2007

A new study indicates that text messaging can increase youth voter turnout; the Huffington Post/Yahoo/Slate mashup debate is rolling, and it turns out we can use Jumpcut to edit the footage after all, but we're somewhat ... Read More

Dodd supports Marijuana decriminalization

BY stevegarfield | Thursday, September 13 2007

Bill Maher: Can you give me a good reason why in a free and fair society marijuana should be illegal? Chris Dodd: And again, and ah the overall of general of allowing ah the the decriminalization I strongly advocate as ... Read More

Daily Digest: 9/12/07

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, September 12 2007

More news about the anti-Thompson site and its connection to the Romney campaign; the Huffington Post, Yahoo, and Slate team up to produce a "Mashup" presidential forum, though it might not allow for ... Read More

Daily Digest: 8/29/07

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, August 29 2007

Potential problems with journalists using Facebook; Ron Paul is excluded from an online straw poll; Mitt Romney invites supporters to create a campaign TV ad with a new online mashup tool; former Yahoo director of ... Read More

Online Presidential Debates: Evolutionary, Revolutionary or Painfully Boring?

BY Colin Delany | Tuesday, May 8 2007

Tameka Kee with MediaPost asked an excellent question yesterday when we were emailing about her recent article on the Post’s online political coverage: what about the Yahoo/Huffington Post/Slate online debates: ... Read More

Is Yahoo!’s online debate going to be fair and balanced?

BY David All | Thursday, April 26 2007

When mega-giant Yahoo! decides to play in the political sandbox, I’m going to pay attention. Yahoo! is currently ranked number one in “>’s Top 500. So when it was ... Read More

Googlection 2008

BY Michael Bassik | Tuesday, February 13 2007

As more and more candidates declare their intention to run for president in 2008, more and more Americans will turn to search engines like Google and Yahoo! to find their websites. So, at a minimum, I expected all 17 of ... Read More