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BREAKING: Sarah Palin Yahoo! email account hacked

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, September 17 2008

It appears that someone has hacked into one or more of Sarah Palin's personal email accounts on Yahoo! and published some of the contents on the web. According to an entry on Wikileaks: Circa midnight Tuesday the 16th of ... Read More

Grooving On Brian Lehrer's Show

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, February 5 2008

Micah Sifry, Andrew Rasiej, and I have been taking turns speaking to WNYC talk-show host Brian Lehrer on his weekly TV show. I've linked to our appearances before, but the producers over at the show are making the videos ... Read More

Yahoo Buzz in SC

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, January 28 2008

We already know that Barack Obama won South Carolina on Saturday by a huge margin. Duh. The outcome may be no surprise to those of you following Yahoo's Political Dashboard, who would have have seen Barack Obama dominate ... Read More

Romney Tops Yahoo! Buzz in Nevada [UPDATE]

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, January 17 2008

Last week I wrote about Yahoo! Buzz, which in addition to tracking celebrity fandom across the web also tracks searches for political candidates (displayed in the excellent Political Dashboard). That data now shows Mitt ... Read More

Is Online Behavior a Better Predictor of Votes?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, January 11 2008

Amidst all of the head-scratching -- or self-flagellating, as I like to call it -- following pollsters' erroneous predictions in New Hampshire, Yahoo! gives a sign that the web may have had it right all along. Read More

Daily Digest: Paul's Haul, Redux

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, December 17 2007

Ron Paul breaks his own fundraising record, bringing in more than $6 million in one day; Yahoo launches the horserace-loving Dashboard; a new video attacks Mike Huckabee over his role in the parole of a convicted rapist; ... Read More

Karl Rove: Not Citizen 2.0

BY Michael Bassik | Thursday, November 8 2007

Karl Rove and Max Cleland spoke to over 100 online political consultants today in Washington, DC during Yahoo's The Rise of Citizen 2.0 event. Yahoo's Citizen 2.0 is not much unlike IPDI's Poli-fulentials , Roper's ... Read More

techPresident Launches

BY Editors | Wednesday, October 17 2007

We're excited to announce the launch of, a new kind of online presidential forum, one that aims to make the most of what the internet has to offer to politics. On anyone will be able to ... Read More

Daily Digest: 9/25/07

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, September 25 2007

Barack Obama is the winner of the Huffington Post/Yahoo/Slate mashup debate; John Edwards will visit Columbus, KY, the winning town in his Eventful demands competition; Off The Bus introduces Roadkill, a guide to the ... Read More

Daily Digest: 9/24/07

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, September 24 2007

Jose Antonio Vargas reviews Matt Bai's The Argument; according to CBS Evening News, the majority of Americans still get their political news from the newspaper; the Huffington Post/Slate/Yahoo "Mashup" debate was viewed ... Read More