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Digital Platform Empowers Women Within Pakistan's Patriarchal System

BY Jessica McKenzie | Wednesday, February 5 2014

Barriers to the workforce for women in Pakistan have compelled them to get creative (Leo Reynolds/Flickr)

In Pakistan, where many women are discourage from working outside of the home, technology has opened up different avenues through which women can enter the workforce. One start-up called the Women's Digital League is helping to facilitate this shift and to get more women working.

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Saudi Arabia Blocks Online Petition to Lift Ban on Women Drivers

BY Jessica McKenzie | Thursday, October 10 2013

An alternative headline

The drive to get Saudi women behind the wheel has been long and arduous. Women have been protesting the ban on women drivers since the early '90s. An online petition created in September has thrust the issue into the spotlight once more, with everyone from the religious police to pseudo-scientists weighing in. In what seems like promising news, three women, members of the council that advises King Abdullah, recommended earlier this week that the ban on women driving be lifted. But the country-wide blocking of the online petition suggests authorities are not yet ready to listen, in spite of their claims otherwise.

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How A Trio Of Feminists Persuaded Facebook To Unfriend Rape "Humor" Groups

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, May 30 2013

Beyond a joke: Facebook recently admitted that its flagging system is flawed

A global campaign to alert advertisers moved Facebook to take action against groups flagged as promoters of "gender-based hate" after several years of repeated attempts to persuade the company to change the way it evaluates requests for take-downs. Read More

Networked Women as a Rising Political Force, Online and Off

BY Tom Watson | Tuesday, November 13 2012

From Sandra Fluke to binders full of women, networked feminism changed the politics of 2012.

The 2012 election proved that women going online to advocate for issues they care about have emerged as a force to be reckoned with in American politics. Tom Watson explores a gap between what he calls "networked feminism" and female candidates. Read More

One Hundred Women Rethinking Government

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 27 2010

Over on GovFresh, techPres contributor Sarah Granger has put together a strong list of women working in the "gov 2.0" field, whether that's in government, in media, in the private sector, some combination of ... Read More

White House, Hill GOP to hear from BlogHer

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 16 2009

BlogHer, the online network that serves to advance the voices of women, is heading to Washington to brief the White House and members of Congress on how to use technology to engage women online. Here's BlogHer's Erin ... Read More