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[BackChannel] RGA's Matt Gagnon: Standing With Scott Walker - A Digital Case Study

BY Matt Gagnon | Friday, June 15 2012

In the latest submission to Backchannel, our ongoing conversation between practitioners and close observers at the intersection of technology and politics, Republican Governors Association digital director Matt Gagnon gives the RGA's perspective on how digital helped Scott Walker win his recall election fight. Read More

Online Organizing In Wisconsin May Show Shades of Things to Come

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, June 6 2012

Gov. Scott Walker's supporters celebrate ahead of his win yesterday. Photo:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has many factors to thank for his victory in Tuesday's recall election. His supporters raised $7.50 for every dollar in Democrat Tom Barrett's campaign coffers and outspent Barrett's supporters in advertising. But one of the most striking things about his victory is that Republican grassroots activists used the web to mobilize a polarized electorate, something Democrats have traditionally been able to do more effectively. Read More