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New York's Chelsea Neighborhood Is the Latest Free Public Wifi Experiment

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, January 8 2013

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was on hand this morning to announce free wifi covering all the outdoor areas in a stretch of Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, from Eighth Avenue west and from Gansevoort Street to 19th Street.

The announcement is the latest in a patchwork of city gestures towards the idea that Internet access has transformed from luxury to necessity.

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Russia to Restrict Access to Public Free WiFi

BY Lisa Goldman | Friday, October 5 2012

In its latest move to control Internet access, the Russian government plans to put into effect a law that will restrict minors from accessing public, free WiFi. Read More

New York City to Offer Free Wireless Internet Access at Payphones

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, July 11 2012

(credit: DoITT)

New Yorkers will be able to access free, unlimited WiFi through pay phone locations as part of a pilot program launched by the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the agency announced today. Read More

Free Wi-Fi Coming to New York City Parks

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, June 9 2011

Free wi-fi is coming to 20 New York City parks as part of a partnership with AT&T, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on his website today. From the site: “In May, we laid out a strategy to make New York City the ... Read More

Does This Smell Right? Wisconsin Governor's "New Website" Blacklisting

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, February 23 2011

With your trusty writer crashing on a piece, let's try something a little different for techPresident: an experiment in crowd fact checking. The subject? A technical explanation that's being repeated widely in political ... Read More

Big Yellow Hot Spots

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, February 12 2010

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