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Thoughts on the new

BY Michael Turk | Wednesday, January 21 2009

As Sarah noted yesterday, the White House website got a facelift at 12:01 yesterday as the typically stuffiness of the White House web site smacked headlong into the calming blues of the Obama campaign/transition sites. ... Read More

New is Live

BY Sarah Granger | Tuesday, January 20 2009

At 12:01pm Eastern time, as promised, the domain flipped over and we received our first glimpse of what's to come over the next four years. Take a look! did actually receive a facelift near ... Read More

Obama in HD

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 14 2009

Releasing the official portrait of the incoming president, the Obama team made special note of the fact that it's the first presidential photo portrait taken with a digital camera. (American presidents, it seems from my ... Read More

Daily Digest: Barney, Building Blocks, and the Burgeoning Food Movement

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, December 18 2008

The Inside View on Revolutionizing .Gov: Dozens of senior web managers spanning federal agencies from USDA to HUD to NASA to EPA to ASDF (okay, we made that last one up) have penned a useful white paper with ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obama Looking Eager to Open 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, November 26 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers. We'll back with your daily dose of digest on Friday, likely ten pounds heavier. Enjoy the holiday. Gobble gobble. Letting Us in to the White House: The time has come, argues ... Read More

It's Time for a Wiki White House

BY Editors | Tuesday, November 25 2008

Barack Obama’s campaign promise to use the Internet to “create a transparent and connected democracy” will be put to the test when he launches a new White House Web site on January 20. On that day, the Bush ... Read More

The White House Email List

BY Editors | Tuesday, November 11 2008

In January, not only will we have the first African American President, but we have the first "Tech President" as has been said many times before on this blog. With that, there are a lot of questions being discussed at ... Read More