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Needs Improvement? White House Falls Below Expectations on Transparency, Engagement

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 24 2009

Such are the woes of transferring into a new school as an honor student. Sixty-three days into the Obama Administration, it's now, it seems, report-card time for the new presidency. And to the savvy eyes of at least some ... Read More

Coming to SxSW? Join Our Core Conversation

BY Sarah Granger | Saturday, March 14 2009

Monday at 3:30 at the South by Southwest Interactive conference, Nancy Scola and I will be facilitating a Core Conversation entitled " 2.0: Upgrading to Open Source Government." We'll provide an overview of ... Read More

Whither the Citizen's Briefing Book?

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 3 2009

This is a very brief public service announcement. Remember the "Citizen's Briefing Book" that the Obama team launched during the campaign, the one that would pull together the most highly rated ideas on ... Read More

Nailing Down the Obama Web Video Doctrine

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, March 2 2009

Online video platforms are the new politicians' cars, it seems -- the make and model provide a clear window into the elected leader's soul. Some commentators have seen the Obama White House's YouTube use as the ... Read More

Setting the Record Straight on Obama's New Media Team

BY Andrew Rasiej | Monday, March 2 2009

This morning there was an extensive piece published (on page three) in The Washington Post regarding the Obama Admisnistration’s web efforts. The article was titled, "Web-Savvy Obama Team Hits Unexpected Bumps: Issues ... Read More

New Media's Fate in the Hands of Career Washington

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, February 24 2009

There's a choice bit in the way, way bottom of this Chicago Tribune sketch of White House new media director Macon Phillips. Reporter Eric Benderoff quotes Phillips saying, "the career people are thrilled to tackle ... Read More

Clash of the Robots (Files): Conflating Code and Closed Government

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 19 2009

You might remember that the short-and-sweet robot.txt file on the new Obama-era was heralded as the opening bells on a new era of open government. Read More

Why the White House's Embrace of Drupal Matters

BY Joshua Sherman | Wednesday, February 18 2009

Drupal developers are abuzz with the realization that the White House's new site was built using the free and open-source content management platform Drupal., the perhaps highest-profile use ... Read More

If Citizens Critique a Done Bill, Can a President Hear It?

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, February 17 2009

For those of you counting along at home, let's do some open-government math. The White House has, as we've repeated here again and again, committed itself to posting non-emergency legislation online for public comment ... Read More

Baby Steps by to Expand Public Comment Function

BY Micah L. Sifry | Sunday, February 15 2009

Yesterday, I tweeted a complaint that the public comment page on, where legislation is theoretically being posted five days before President Obama's signs it to allow the public to chime in, only allowed ... Read More