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White House Reiterates Limits for Online Petitions

BY Nick Judd | Friday, November 4 2011

When White House officials promised to issue responses to people who garner enough digital signatures on a newly launched online petition website, Obama administration digital director Macon Phillips wrote Thursday night ... Read More

Is the White House Doing Enough for 'We the People?'

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, November 2 2011

The White House's responses to recent petitions on their brand-new e-petitions platform have angered some people who don't think the administration is serious enough about their promise to listen online. Launched in ... Read More

White House Begins Responses to 'We the People'

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, October 26 2011

When the White House announced "We the People," an online petitioning platform, activists were cautiously optimistic. Whether the platform turns out to be a new way for average people to have a two-way conversation with ... Read More

Quote of the Day: Hearts and Minds

BY Nick Judd | Monday, October 24 2011

The Republicans in Congress are using new media technology to compete for the attention of Beltway reporters ... We use it to compete for the attention of the American people ... These are two different goals. — ... Read More

Tweeting for Jobs

BY Nick Judd | Monday, October 17 2011

Obama's new-media messaging strategy got a bit of a backhanded slap in this exchange between White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and a reporter during a Friday press gaggle: Q Following up on that, just to look at the ... Read More

New Byline on White House Blog: Shakira

BY Nick Judd | Friday, October 7 2011

Yesterday, hosted a guest post from the Latin pop star Shakira. She now serves on the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics Commission. Appearing under her byline: I hope that ... Read More

Nerding Out on White House's We the People

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, September 22 2011

The White House this morning unveiled its "We the People" e-petitions platform, an online mechanism for generating a direct response from the federal government. Read More

Here's the Latest on the White House Plan to Listen to 'We the People' Online

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, September 15 2011

White House New Media Director Macon Phillips answers questions that open government advocates have been collecting about We the People, the online petitions platform his team expects to roll out very soon. The whole ... Read More

Visualizing the Future of American Jobs

BY Nick Judd | Friday, September 9 2011

When President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress Thursday night, he did so with eye-catching visual aides — visible only to folks who watched the White House's live online feed of the speech. ... Read More

The White House's Latest Tweetup Host Hardly Ever Tweets

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, September 7 2011

Jay Carney during a Wednesday press briefing at the White House. Screen capture via To bat clean-up on social media on Friday after President Barack Obama's anticipated Thursday jobs speech, the White ... Read More