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From Mad Men to Motor City, Advocates Hope Web Video Steers Rail Projects

BY Nick Judd | Friday, March 11 2011

Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer did this web spot for U.S. Public Interest Research Group, released Wednesday, to support President Barack Obama's ongoing initiative to fund high-speed rail construction ... Read More

Videoing the President

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, November 12 2010

Arun Chaudhary has been following Barack Obama since he ran for president all the way to the White House, and that's "following" rather literally. Chaudhary was the on-staff videographer for the 2008 Obama ... Read More

The Case for Letting Political Videos Run Long

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, August 20 2010

Over on Tech Republican, Matt Lira makes the case for the idea that we're about to see long-form political video breakthrough online, big time. Lira, who is currently directs new media operations for Eric Cantor, the ... Read More

Bob Etheridge Would Rather Not Be in Your Web Video

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 14 2010

My laptop, perhaps knowing that its replacement is on its way RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, has decided that it's had plenty enough of running YouTube videos. So you'll have to watch this video of Rep. Bob Etheridge, Democrat ... Read More

The Politics of Livestreaming?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 2 2010

The New York Times' Brian Stelter has a nice look at something we noted yesterday -- how participants in the battle abroad the Gaza relief ship Mavi Marmara that involved the killing of nine activists by Israeli forces ... Read More

BP Undecided on Hitting Web Cam "Off" Switch

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, May 25 2010

Mother Jones' David Corn reports that Rep. Ed Markey is objecting to BP's decision to kill its live web cam at the moment it attempts to kill the leaking Deepwater Horizon well off the Gulf Coast. But BP is contending, ... Read More

The Case for Outsourcing the BP Video Feed

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, May 21 2010

FireDogLake's Michael Whitney fleshes out his argument against Rep. Ed Markey's (D-MA) BP live video feed of the Deepwater Horizon leak. Though I'd argue that given Congress' jurisdictional interest here, the takeaway ... Read More