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Washington to Allow People to Register to Vote Through Facebook

BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, July 19 2012

Washington state is officially rolling out online voter registration via a Facebook application within the next few weeks. It's already one of the first states to offer online voter registration. The new offering came about after Facebook and Microsoft approached the Washington Secretary of State's office, according to Shane Hamlin, the state's co-director of elections. The office was already discussing ways to further to promote its online voter registration service and continue to grow the number of people registered. Read More

New Mobile Voter Registration Technology Could Bridge Online-Offline Gap

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, February 14 2012

A new technology with creators who quietly sought approval in Nevada months in advance of the caucuses there may be paving one route to easier voter registration.

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Overseas Vote Foundation Launches In-U.S. Voter Registration Service

BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, February 9 2012

The Overseas Vote Foundation is launching a new domestic voter registration and absentee ballot site in this election season that aims to make it easy for voters to fill out and access state-specific election forms.

OVF announced the new initiative, the U.S. Vote Foundation, at its summit at the end of January.

U.S. Vote allows the user to fill out a state-specific voter registration form online, which they can then download and send to their state's board of elections.

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The New 'Raise Your Vote': OFA's Design to Turn Out Mid-Term Voters

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 17 2010

Raise Your Vote is the new voter registration and voting information project just launched by the Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America team. Raise Your Vote, a new website launched by Organizing for ... Read More

Mobile Voter Registration Has Arrived

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, May 18 2010

Santa Clara County may be the first locality in the country to actually accept an electronic voter registration submitted from a source other than a government website. On Friday, the Santa Clara County Registrar of ... Read More

Obama's Virtual Ad-Buy and the Gamer Constituency

BY Michael Connery | Wednesday, October 15 2008

As Game Politics broke last week, and Gigaom confirmed yesterday, Barack Obama is buying in-game advertising on X-box Live. The ads are photo-realistic and announce the start of early voting and promote Vote for Change, ... Read More

Social Security Administration Blocking Voter Registration (cont'd)

BY Allison Fine | Friday, October 3 2008

I have an update on my post from this morning about the Social Security Administration. According to the legislative director in Senator Feinstein's office, the Senator sent a letter to the SSA on September 23rd asking ... Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Won't Be Able To Vote

BY Allison Fine | Friday, October 3 2008

Top 5 Reasons You Won't Be Allowed to Vote Enormous efforts have been made by campaigns and public interest groups to register people to vote on November 4th. According to the Election Assistance Commission more than 2 ... Read More

CountMore - Strategic Battleground Voting for Students

BY Michael Connery | Monday, September 22 2008

As we come up on voter registration deadlines, a lot of students may be asking themselves, "where should I vote?" Unlike the rest of us, college students have the luxury of deciding whether they would prefer to vote at ... Read More

Voter Registration is Already Closed?

BY Allison Fine | Monday, January 14 2008

Just as people, particularly young voters, are beginning to pay attention to the presidential race, 14 states have already closed their voter registration with another 5 set to do so within the next week! Read More