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Training the left's next generation in campaign data

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 16 2009

Not sure whether we have David Plouffe and his obsessive attention to numbers to thank for this, or if it has more to do with the rising tide of interest in government data, but the progressive field training program New ... Read More

The Political Ad Practice Insiders Want to Keep Secret

BY Kate Kaye | Thursday, June 25 2009

Political advertisers use all sorts of data to reach specific groups of voters through Web ads. But voter file data isn't what typically comes to mind. Most political campaign insiders would like to keep it that way. Read More

Catalist-DemocracyInAction's Deal and the Progressive World

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, October 16 2008

DemocracyInAction and Catalist have just made a remarkable new deal. Let me back up. DIA is one of the core components of the progressive political infrastructure, providing online advocacy tools to a wide range of ... Read More

May the Best Database Win? A Look at the Voter Files Powering the '08 Race

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, September 19 2008

The Atlantic's Mark Ambinder has a post up on voter files that's got us here at techPres and PdF thinking. Mark's post reports on how Rock the Vote, the 501c3 voter registration group, is making creative use of data from ... Read More