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How Open Source Might Help the Midwest Recover From Drought

BY Bailey McCann | Wednesday, October 24 2012

Can hackers help farmers recover from drought? Photo: Carl W. Wyckoff / Flickr

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: Farmers in the drought-stricken Midwest are finishing up their harvest after a historically bad drought year. Agriculture in the United States is a high-tech industry built on precision mapping and mobile tools. Can open-source hackers help farmers bounce back? Read More

Wandering the U.S.'s 'Food Deserts'

BY Nick Judd | Monday, May 2 2011

The USDA today released a new web application called Food Desert Locator, which provides census tract-level mapping of areas "where a substantial number or share of residents has low access to a supermarket or large ... Read More

Shirley Sherrod Case: Soundbites Still Pack a Punch

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, July 21 2010

USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development Shirley Sherrod was forced to resign after a two-and-a-half minute clip of her 45-minute speech to an NAACP gathering in March was circulated by Andrew Breitbart's Big ... Read More

Voters Needed in Healthy Kids Apps Contest

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, July 14 2010

The time has come to play games for your country. The Obama administration has opened up voting in its Apps for Healthy Kids contest. The competition called for developers to build kid-friendly games and online tools ... Read More

White House Shines Webcam on a Shift in Food Safety's Political Dynamics

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, May 13 2009

If I might be so bold as to quote my own tweet from a minute ago, "Watching Rosa DeLauro evangelize against the fragmented food system on is exciting in at least two ways." At least two! ... Read More

Daily Digest: CTO Watch -- The Rising Stock of California PhDs

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 7 2009

Chief Openness Officer, PhD: As we keep up the vigil on Barack Obama's naming of a Chief Technology Officer, let's have a look at both what some close watchers want from the first federal CTO and what the gossip on the ... Read More