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Now That's Viral Campaigning Mr. Edwards

BY Lynne d Johnson | Monday, July 23 2007

A few months back, I chided John Edwards's team for not effectively using its mobile text campaign. Then I softened my stance a little bit as they started using Twitter more effectively than their own text program, and ... Read More

Authenticity in Social Media

BY Fred Stutzman | Tuesday, May 22 2007

In Mike Turk and Zack Exley's session at PDF 2007, a topic that came up frequently was the creation of perception with social media tools. The discussion explored methods for humanizing the candidate; dropping in on the ... Read More

Daily Digest: 5/14/07

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, May 14 2007

The Web on the Candidates Does the performance of a candidate's web page help determine their online effectiveness and the amount of online donations they bring in? Katherine Noyes at TechNewsWorld reports that 62% of ... Read More

Are Political Leaders Willing to Stand Up for Facebook?

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, May 14 2007

There are two competing trends in online social technologies. One is that everyone from presidential candidates to up-and-coming musicians are scrambling to master MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Along the way, ... Read More

Transparency in Social Media

BY Fred Stutzman | Thursday, April 26 2007

As David and Stowe and a bunch of other people have noticed, Barack Obama is Twittering. Now, I'll gladly apologize if I'm wrong on this, but it appears that Mr. Obama didn't write his first Twitter. There's just ... Read More

Is Barack going to Twitter? [UPDATE, Barack responds]

BY David All | Thursday, April 26 2007

He's had the account open for a while, but I just received this email... Dig in below the fold tweets... Read More

The case for a Twittering Presidential candidate [UPDATE]

BY David All | Thursday, April 12 2007

At first, I didn't "get" Twitter. But then I stopped, took a deep breath, and started engaging and connecting through Twitter. Once I "got it," I started thinking about how I would soon deploy the modern technology with ... Read More

Twitter Update: Edwards Leads -- Obama and Clinton Follow

BY Lynne d Johnson | Wednesday, March 21 2007

Twitter became very popular the past couple of weeks, as all of the A-List bloggers, and folks attending SXSW in Austin started signing up and inviting all of their friends. Because of this, Twitter has proven itself as ... Read More

John Edwards is Twittering

BY Lynne d Johnson | Wednesday, March 7 2007

Just a day after I posted about John Edwards texting campaign, a friend told me that Edwards was now using Twitter, a social networking tool that enables users to let friends and strangers know what they're doing. Read More