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Daily Digest: And It Keeps on Going

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, February 6 2008

Rounding up last night's results, explanations, and prognostications; what's CNN? Online politicos tracked the action with Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr, and YouTube instead; Hillary is favored by Microsoft employees, ... Read More

State of the Union Overloads Twitter

BY Michael Whitney | Tuesday, January 29 2008

First Macworld, now the State of the Union. Several times during tonight's SOTU address Twitter's servers were overloaded, preventing users of the popular micro-blogging service from sending or receiving tweets for ... Read More

Politweets - All the News That's Fit to "Tweet"

BY Editors | Friday, January 25 2008

While traditional media outlets excel in wordiness during election season, Twitter proudly flaunts its brevity. A new website called Politweets gleans the "tweets" which mention political candidates' names and then ... Read More

Daily Digest: Does Campaign Coverage Suck?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, January 21 2008

Jay Rosen explains why campaign coverage sucks, but does it nicely; Zack Exley gets in-depth about the Clinton campaign's field operation; political journalists are Twittering; allegations of voter suppression from the ... Read More

Daily Digest: A Giant Wave of Wrong

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, January 10 2008

Journalists, bloggers, pollsters, and pundits flagellate themselves for being so wrong about New Hampshire; Glenn Greenwald calls the media "adolescent, coddled narcissists"; one blogger thinks Memeorandum is the best ... Read More

Daily Digest: Online Data Points to Offline Votes

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, January 8 2008

Hitwise and Compete show Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain getting the most online attention in the runup to the New Hampshire primary; Obama is getting more buzz in the blogs than Hillary Clinton; Mark Glaser ... Read More

Iowa Twitter Success

BY Patrick Ruffini | Friday, January 4 2008

When I first floated the idea of collecting Iowa Caucus results through the microblogging social network Twitter, I wasn't sure what to expect. Iowa is a small state, and not particularly known for tech-savviness. Would ... Read More

Who Needs CNN?

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, January 3 2008

The caucuses are finally here, and I'm not watching the results on TV. I don't have CNN or MSNBC or any other cable news station, and I don't have a lot of patience for watching the caucusing in real time on C-SPAN. But ... Read More

Twittering Iowa

BY Patrick Ruffini | Wednesday, December 19 2007

Can the Internet do a better job at covering election night than the media? We are about to find out. I would like to launch an experiment with Twitter on Iowa Caucus night. If you're caucusing in Iowa on January 3rd, ... Read More

Someone's Hijacked Rudy's Tweets!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, November 21 2007

Blogger Blue NoVA subscribes to all of the candidates’ Twitter accounts, and today he noticed a doozy from the Giuliani campaign: “i wish someone from my campaign would actually use this,” ... Read More