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Daily Digest: It's Raining McCain, And It Hurts

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, March 25 2008

A new song about McCain makes our ears bleed; once again, OpenLeft asks its readers if it should endorse; the YouTube election 2.0; an Obama video is Obama-sistable; Peter Daou defends Hillary against three myths about ... Read More

Daily Digest: Twitter Giveth, And Twitter Taketh Away

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, March 21 2008

Twitter claims its first victim; Obama dominates YouTube; small donors play a big part in the presidential, not so much in smaller races; Obama Girl does *not* win a YouTube video award; despite sharing dip and nachos ... Read More

A New Twystery In Our Midst

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, March 19 2008

This morning I received notifications that a slew of new Twitter users were following my tweets: "Wow, is Jim Gilmore is really starting a Twitter account now?" I didn't ask myself. Obviously someone is up to some ... Read More

Daily Digest: Who Says Experience Matters?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, March 13 2008

New technologies that may impact '08; one GOP consultant's Amazon wishlist; a relationship between online video and fundraising?; a peek at Election 2024; McCain's catatonic blog; the non-existent link between experience ... Read More

Tracking the Spitzer Scandal on Twitter

BY Michael Whitney | Monday, March 10 2008

Shortly after 2:00pm today, the New York Times posted a front-page story announcing New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer was involved in an interstate prostitution ring. But if you wanted the absolute latest ... Read More

Daily Digest: What A Night!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, March 5 2008

What a night! Clinton is victorious in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island; our charts show an Obama rise despite the real-world polls; John McCain is now the nominee, and Mike Huckabee is out; McCain's splash page mimics a ... Read More

Hillary's Classy Tweets to Ohio and Rhode Island

BY Michael Whitney | Wednesday, March 5 2008

Hillary brought some short & simple class to Twitter tonight - she thanked both Rhode Island and Ohio immediately after winning each state. Read More

Daily Digest: To Endorse Or Not To Endorse

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, February 25 2008

Judging the efficacy of a Google bomb campaign against John McCain; three liberal blogs ask readers if they should endorse a candidate before the nominee emerges; another piece about why Twitter matters; illustrating the ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obamamania Or A Real Movement?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, February 12 2008

MoveOn members funnel more than $500,000 to the Obama campaign, end send out hundreds of thousands of GOTV notes; a new crop of nonprofits are creating political messaging, blurring the line between advocacy and ... Read More

I'm over 30 and for Hillary, and so this "social media" thing is kind of irrelevant

BY Morra Aarons-Mele | Thursday, February 7 2008

So I realized, I'm over 30, don't use Facebook or Twitter much, and I'm a Hillary supporter. I wasn't quite ready for Clinton's "Town Hall" on the Hallmark channel (I'll save that one for the over 60 crowd) but I feel as ... Read More