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BREAKING: PdF2008 Hosts Obama-McCain Twitter Debate

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, June 20 2008

We're pleased to announce a first for the Internet Election of 2008: Starting tonight, a designated representative of both of the major presidential campaigns are going to participate in a free-wheeling debate on ... Read More

CongressTwitterer John Culberson (R-TX) Live on FISA bill vote

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, June 20 2008

The Twittering congressman is now the Qik-ing congressman: Texas Republican Rep. John Culberson is doing live video streaming of interviews with his fellow members of the House during today's vote on the Foreign ... Read More

Daily Digest: McCain's Kids Help Him Get the Net

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 17 2008

The Michigan GOP greets Barack Obama's arrival in the Great Lakes State with a new ad asking "what took you so long?;" the blogosphere doesn't take kindly to the Associated Press's suggestion that the company decides ... Read More

(fake) McCain and Obama Pound Each Other on Twitter

BY Dave Witzel | Friday, June 13 2008

A bit of Friday the 13th entertainment. Go ahead, the boss isn't looking. Is she? fakeJohnMccain vs. fakeBarackObama on twitter. Read More

Daily Digest: Campaigns, Congress Get Experimental

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, June 13 2008

Is John McCain's right-left-and-center blogger outreach strategy savvy or just too contrived?; the Obama campaign gives Google juice to rumors about their candidate; McCain's "virtual town hall" looks a great deal like a ... Read More

CongressTwitters [UPDATED]

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, June 12 2008

Have we spotted (or started) a trend? Now, after my story on Rep. John Culberson's Twittering from the House floor, "CrackBerry Addicts vs Twittering Sunlighters," Rep. Tim Ryan has just tweeted that he is "getting ready ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obama Finds Politics' Tiny Lobster Forks

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 12 2008

Barack Obama's Silicon Valley fundraisers demonstrate how to extract small sums from many different pockets; the McCain Report earns praise; a new "I Only Sleep with Democrats" video is getting attention; the Obama ... Read More

CrackBerry Addicts vs Twittering Sunlighters on the Floor of Congress

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, June 11 2008

Here's a tale of two radically different uses of technology on Capitol Hill: the first to keep all but the most-connected people out, and the second to let the rest of us in. In the first case, we have Members of ... Read More

Is Barack Obama Following Your Friendfeed? [UPDATED]

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, May 19 2008

Is Barack Obama actually using the social media tracking tool FriendFeed to follow tech gurus Andrew McLaughlin, Chris Messina, Chris Pirillo, Dave Winer, Dave Sifry (how'd he slip in there?), Fred Wilson, Jason ... Read More

Come Together, Now? The World Live Web and Politics

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, May 7 2008

I spent most of last night watching the Democratic election returns roll in, with the TV tuned to MSNBC but the sound turned down low, and my laptop in my hands, watching for live reaction and commentary on the event as ... Read More