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Daily Digest: The Mile-High Club

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, August 28 2008

Day 4 of our DNC Coverage Read More

Perspctv : Polls, News, Blogs and Tweets.

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, August 26 2008

Check out Perspctv:An exploration of internet activity in reference to mainstream media. Gain a unique Perspctv on the US Presidential Elections. This project presents different perspectives in our world, including that ... Read More

Daily Digest: Bring Your Spam to the "Astroturf" Picnic

BY Joshua Sherman | Friday, August 8 2008

New vs. Traditional media is apples and oranges, Cybersecurity advice for the next President, DNC responds to "Democrats Praising McCain" ad, McCain offers prizes to spammers and realizes his recent YouTube dominance, ... Read More

Daily Digest: Do Sockpuppets Belong in Politics?

BY Joshua Sherman | Thursday, August 7 2008

Citizen-journalists chosen by Decision '08, contest for "Why are you a Democrat/Republican," what do pollworkers of the 21st Century look like?, fears of security threats at the Democratic National Convention, Twitter ... Read More

Daily Digest: A Landmark Day! (Yawn)

BY Joshua Sherman | Wednesday, August 6 2008

Myspace and the Commission on President Debates announce a partnership, Paris Hilton responds to McCain campaign's video, McCain continues the "celebrity" attacks, and Republican Twitter movement is hardly a movement at ... Read More

Daily Digest: On Tweets and Veeps and Congresspeeps

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, August 4 2008

Some netrooters have launched a campaign to push retired General Wes Clark for the Dem VP spot; Capitol Hill is all abuzz with an on-going Republican protest that's being live-Twittered/Qikked/blogged; the hashing over ... Read More

Live from Washington DC, It's Friday Night!

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, August 1 2008

Via the magic that is Twitter and Qik, we're being treated to a front-row seat to what is in all likelihood a congressional first -- members of the House refusing to leave the floor, and inviting reporters, tourists, and ... Read More

Paradigm Shiftlessness in 2008

BY Luigi Montanez | Wednesday, July 30 2008

Looking back at the past 18 months, what’s remarkable about the 2008 campaign is how unremarkable it’s actually been when it comes to the use of the Internet. While Patrick Ruffini earlier argued that Barack ... Read More

Daily Digest: Netrooters Pick Priorities for Selves, POTUS

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, July 22 2008

A straw poll of attendees at last week's Netroots Nation conference finds that respondents have different priorities for themselves and their president; Ed Cone interviews the Next Right's Jon Henke will DC's ... Read More

Does Bob Barr Twitter for Himself?

BY Michael Whitney | Sunday, July 20 2008

I'm sitting in the Austin airport waiting to board my Southwest flight to Houston and on home to BWI after a great conference at Netroots Nation. Who sits down two rows away but Libertarian presidential candidate Bob ... Read More