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First POST: Command Lines

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, January 14 2015

The White House embraces community broadband; how facial recognition software is getting used to predict voting behavior; understanding how blockchain technology could change the world; and much, much more. Read More

Election Day in New York Will Be a Testbed for a New Secure Mobile Communication Tool

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, October 23 2012

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism at the Columbia Journalism School is partnering with faculty and industry experts from Columbia, Stanford and Tumblr to launch a mobile iPhone application aimed at providing "secure communication between journalists and their sources, as well as to support secure, real-time coordination and publishing for field journalists and newsroom editors," Columbia Journalism Assistant Professor Susan McGregor wrote in an e-mail to the Tow Center events listserv. Read More