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Online Organizing

Here comes everybody? Well, almost. As more people get their hands on the tools of communication and collaboration, it's become ridiculously easy to form a group and agitate around any case. But for all the multiplying ways that we're discovering to network and connect, online organizing still takes knowledge and practice. Giant e-groups like, with its millions of email members, are constantly honing their approach. Online political hubs like,, and Freedom Connector don't self-organize magically; smart network weavers tend to those gardens of activity, taking care to moderate conversations and filter (some) behavior, to ensure that a real community of purpose takes hold. Here at techPresident, we're constantly covering the many ways that savvy online organizers go about their work.

Changes at A Media Hub for Social Action

BY Micah L. Sifry | Saturday, October 11 2008

Is it possible to build a successful web portal and community hub around issues and activism? Read More Launches

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, February 7 2007

Leaders of non-profit organizations all across the country may want to sit up and take notice. Ben Rattray has opened the public beta of his new site, Here's what he says about it: Read More


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