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Israeli Transparency NGO Shows Voters How to Cast Informed Ballots

BY Lisa Goldman | Thursday, January 3 2013

Screengrab from Open Knesset website

As Israelis prepare to cast their ballots in national elections on January 22, the country's only transparency NGO has launched a campaign to encourage voters to educate themselves by consulting their Open Knesset website, where they can find previously unavailable information about how their legislators are doing their jobs and whether they are representing their constituents as they would wish to be represented. Read More


Women Make Their Mark on Kenya's Expanding Tech Sector

BY Julia Wetherell | Thursday, January 3 2013

What’s the best way to get women engaged in tech? In Nairobi, a burgeoning African Silicon Alley, it’s to have women implement tech culture in the first place. A NPR story from late last month dropped in on the Akirachix, an all-female collective of programmers and technologists who are collaborating to tackle social issues in Kenya. Read More


Putting Rights Violations on the Map in Iran

BY Julia Wetherell | Wednesday, January 2 2013

Screengrab of the Mapping Iran's Human Rights, from

A new interactive map from the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran will track rights violations in the country by region. The Mapping Iran's Human Rights project geographically situates violations in four categories — perpetrators, victims, prison corruption, and regional trends — while generating new knowledge about corruption from sources in Iran. Read More


Years In the Making, India Delivers an Open Data Portal

BY Julia Wetherell | Tuesday, December 18 2012

Screengrab of Data Portal India homepage

India has joined in on the open data movement with Data Portal India, an initiative to provide transparency across a diverse array of governmental agencies. The new site comes on the tails of the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy, which was announced by the nation’s Department of Science and Technology earlier this year, and the 2005 Right to Information Act, a transformative piece of legislation that made government records accessible to ordinary citizens. Read More

Using Twitter to Chat About Politics, #hashtag-Style

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, July 5 2011

Want to know when to get on Twitter to chat with fellow users about such topics as community building, optimizing your conversion rates, fundraising or new developments in mobile tech and social media? Check out Twitter ... Read More

If Data Is The First Step, Scraperwiki is a Staircase

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, December 8 2010

Max Ogden's video on Web scraping with Scraperwiki from Max Ogden on Vimeo. Read More

Howcast's New Vernacular for Video Explainers

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, March 2 2009

We first met the founders of at the State Department's Alliance of Youth Movements Summit. They were there to film some "how-to" guides for people interested in using social media to foster movements for ... Read More

Tracking a Political Meme: McCain vs Paris Hilton

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, September 25 2008

Ever wanted to be able to show someone exactly how a "meme" moves across the web in real-time? Anthony Hamelle of Linkfluence has posted a video doing exactly that. He zeroes in on two political videos that made a big ... Read More