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Daily Digest: OMG BRK OBMA TXTS 4 VP

BY Joshua Sherman | Monday, August 11 2008

Obama texts his supporters his choice of VP, is Obama the first "cybergenic" candidate?, What will McCain do for VP?, Obama hits back at two McCain ads, the blogs respond to Edwards' extramarital affair, Bush enjoys ... Read More

Daily Digest: 9/14/07

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, September 14 2007

A new study indicates that text messaging can increase youth voter turnout; the Huffington Post/Yahoo/Slate mashup debate is rolling, and it turns out we can use Jumpcut to edit the footage after all, but we're somewhat ... Read More

Edwards' SMS Fundraising Campaign: An Interview With the Campaign's New Media Strategist

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Tuesday, July 3 2007

Justin Oberman’s post on the Edwards campaign’s recently launched SMS fundraising campaign prompted a series of questions from fellow TechPresident contributor Colin Delany about the ability of other ... Read More