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Now That's Viral Campaigning Mr. Edwards

BY Lynne d Johnson | Monday, July 23 2007

A few months back, I chided John Edwards's team for not effectively using its mobile text campaign. Then I softened my stance a little bit as they started using Twitter more effectively than their own text program, and ... Read More

T3XT U5: Free advice for the 60P P07U5 (GOP POTUS) debate

BY David All | Tuesday, May 15 2007

As you know, there's a GOP Presidential debate tonight in South Carolina (Fox News Channel, 9 PM Eastern). I'm not going to watch it until it makes its way in to easier-to-digest clips on YouTube and after I read all of ... Read More

Where Are My Text Messages Mr. Edwards?

BY Lynne d Johnson | Tuesday, March 6 2007

Though the focus of techPresident is on how the candidates use the Web, as well as how voter-generated content affects the process, I've become very interested in what methods are being employed in the mobile space. One ... Read More