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Weekly Readings: War on Rumors

BY Antonella Napolitano and Rebecca Chao | Monday, May 5 2014

A roundup of interesting reads and stories from around the web. Read More

Gig.U Asks Universites and Telcos To Work Together for the Internet of the Future

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, September 15 2011

Fiber future: A new initiative aims to kickstart the development of cutting-edge Internet infrastructure in America. Photo Illustration: G Meyer / Flickr A new initiative seeks to create "testbeds" for extraordinarily ... Read More

How to Unsuck Canada's Internet, and Other Tales from Up North at MESH

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, May 27 2011

A view of the CN Tower and the Toronto skyline, as you fly into the city. Photo by Micah L. Read More

Understanding Tim Wu

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 22 2011

The colorful career of Tim "net neutrality" Wu gets profiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education's Mark Parry. Wu's latest twist transitions him from a rising-profile outside agitator to Federal Trade ... Read More

Mobile Lobby Asks FEC to Okay Donation-by-Text

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, September 17 2010

Photo credit: Moritz Petersen Politico's Kim Hart reports that the cellular lobby is asking federal regulators to okay the collection of Read More

"Preserve the Brilliance": Julius Genechowski's Remarks at Brookings

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, September 21 2009

Here's the full text of what Federal Communications Commission chair Julius Genechowski had to say at Brookings this morning, as he both announced the FCC's more aggressive approach to keeping the Internet open and ... Read More

Waiting for Genachowski

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 11 2009

Let's see...carry the one...adjust for the short month...and, yep, it's been 103 days since Barack Obama nominated his campaign technology advisor Julius Genachowski to serve as the chair of the Federal Communications ... Read More

Republican Nominations Inch Genachowski Closer to the FCC Chair's Desk

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 3 2009

Some good news for those of you eager to see Julius Genachowski finally installed at the FCC sometime before a draft of the national broadband plan is due on the president's desk in April 2o10. Reuters is reporting that ... Read More