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White House Technology Plans Holding Steady

BY Sarah Granger | Wednesday, February 4 2009

Yesterday was challenging for the new Obama administration as two key individuals nominated for appointments removed their names from consideration. I was at the White House asking questions about the plans for the CTO ... Read More

District of Columbia gives Obama model for effective transparency strategy

BY W. David Stephenson | Monday, November 24 2008

President-elect Obama faces a double whammy: loss of faith in government and business, plus a record deficit making it difficult to fund programs that might rebuild trust. Fortunately, he can find an easily-replicated ... Read More

tP Poll: Does a Connected World Need a Connected POTUS?

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 30 2008

We ask the question that has been bumping around ever since Republican presidential candidate John McCain described himself as computer "illiterate" -- In 2008, does a U.S. need to personally understand how to use email, ... Read More

It's Still Not Enough

BY Tracy Russo | Tuesday, June 17 2008

John McCain isn't ready to acquiesce the tech vote, claiming in an interview that he understands technology because he has young children, but that just isn't enough. Read More

What I learned in Philly's 14th Ward about language, class and the interfaces of political power

BY Liza Sabater | Thursday, April 24 2008

Yesterday I wrote about getting Lost In Hillaryland while driving down to Philadelphia to volunteer for the Obama campaign. In that post at Kenneth Cole’s Awearness Blog, I write about how after the mini-adventure of ... Read More

Who Will Be America's First techPresident? Grading the Republicans

BY Editors | Thursday, December 6 2007

We studied the candidates' websites and statements, hunting for signs that they understand the importance of the internet and new technology for America's future. The Republican field, with the exceptions of Mike ... Read More

Make A Difference Today In Your Respective Party’s Primary Process

BY David All | Thursday, September 13 2007

If you’re like me, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I don’t live in New Hampshire. I don’t live in Iowa, South Carolina, Florida or Michigan either. By the time I get to vote in the Primary election, our ... Read More

Technology Hybrids and 2008

BY Patrick Ruffini | Thursday, July 5 2007

How do you bridge the divide between reaching the energized core on the Internet and the masses through traditional voter contact? Don't expect Web 2.0 to do it on its own. You've got to build hooks between the new and ... Read More