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Report: Philadelphia Mayor Plans For An Open Data Policy

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, April 26 2012

Philadelphia's Mayor Michael A. Nutter was scheduled to sign an executive order to establish an open data policy on Thursday, the Philadelphia tech blog Technically Philly reported.

Mayor Nutter's online Google Calendar confirmed this, yet ironically no other details about the executive order were available online at the time of this blog post. We've sent in a query to the Mayor's press office to find out more.

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In Philly, Making it Harder for Landlords to Hide

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, May 5 2011

Technically Philly describes a hackathon project to find all properties owned by a given landlord by cross-referencing scraped data and city databases: So, say, a small-time property developer wanted neighborhood ... Read More

Philadelphia Gets an Open Data Portal

BY Nick Judd | Monday, April 25 2011

Technically Philly has a detailed rundown on OpenDataPhilly, an open data portal to all the datasets that the city has already released. The short version seems to be that Azavea cofounder Robert Cheetham pushed for this ... Read More