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Jefferson Smith Gets the Oregon State Legislature to Rickroll Itself

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, April 13 2011

Oregon state Rep. Jefferson Smith put together a plan to get his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to, over the course of a year, utter bit by bit parts of the Rick Astley classic, "Never Gonna Give You ... Read More

It's Not the Announcement Video, It's the Parody of It

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 5 2011

Ben Smith points out that the National Republican Senatorial Committee's mocking video (above) that features Barack Obama riding a white unicorn that trails behind it a rainbow has gotten more views than Obama's ... Read More

If Obama Posts a Côte d'Ivoire Video to YouTube, Does Anyone Hear It?

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 1 2011

Last Friday, President Obama delivered the quick two-minute video message above on the struggle for power between Alassane Ouattara and Laurent Gbagbo in Côte d'Ivoire. "Now Côte d'Ivoire is at the crossroad, ... Read More

"The Unspeakable Murder of Rodrigo Rosenberg"

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 1 2011

So, do you remember the crazy story of Rodrigo Rosenberg, the Guatemalan lawyer whose nine-minute video testimonial (the one above), posted to YouTube after his 2009 death and otherwise circulated, implicated President ... Read More

"What Part of 'Dictator' Do You Not Understand?"

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 29 2011

Going around: one of those xtranormal videos that throws anti-Bush arguments on Iraq back at Obama supporters when it comes to Libya. (via Shaun Dakin) Read More

What Goes into Making Tim Pawlenty a Film Star

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, March 28 2011

Lucas Baiano, the creative mind behind former Minnesota Governor's Tim Pawlenty's highly-produced, über-dramatic presidential exploratory annoucement video, sits down for a quick interview with YouTube's CitizenTube. ... Read More

Animating the Debate: "Cyber-Utopianism"

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, March 21 2011

Have you difficulty wrapping your mind around Evgeny Morozov's criticisms of "cyber-utopianism," a school of thought that, argues disapproving types, holds that technology will necessarily empower the ... Read More

Weiner Employs 720-Point Font in 72-Hour Rule Fight

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, March 17 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) got the U.S. House of Representatives worked up this morning when he challenged House Republicans on whether a bill to defund NPR had been posted online for 72 hours before consideration, a ... Read More

Michelle Rhee Really Has Animated the School Reform Debate

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 8 2011

Or, rather, someone else has done it for her. "I'm firing my way to better schools," proclaims Michelle Rhee with a victorious thrust of her tiny little animated arm. Read More