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I Am Not a Web Guy

BY Patrick Ruffini | Wednesday, June 20 2007

What Zack Exley has written here is truly wise, and bears repeating until every campaign manager and general consultant has heard it loud and clear. Don't hire an Internet person! So I think that all of us “Internet ... Read More

Tale of the Tape: Hillary and Romney

BY Patrick Ruffini | Tuesday, June 19 2007

In his previous post, Alan Rosenblatt asks if anything a campaign has ever produced has gone viral. I'd say this has a decent shot. Only two videos this campaign cycle were worth me pulling my apolitical wife aside, and ... Read More

French Election Shows the Limits of User-Generated Content

BY Colin Delany | Monday, May 21 2007

In a discussion about the recent French presidential election at the Personal Democracy Forum unConference this past Saturday, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry presented an interesting thesis: not only did Ségolène Royal's ... Read More

PDF2007: Hallway Walking Videos

BY stevegarfield | Saturday, May 19 2007

At the Personal Democracy Forum I did some hallway walking, and captured some fleeting moments in video. Read More

PDF2007: 2008 Web Video Odyssey

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, May 18 2007

Our "2008 Web Video Odyssey," which was produced by the good folks at PoliticsTV, is up on YouTube: Read More

A Video Guide to the Candidates

BY stevegarfield | Saturday, April 7 2007 compiles a matrix of candidates and issues on one page. The unique feature is that the page is full of YouTube videos. Read More

A Videographer In Every Pot?

BY Michael Turk | Monday, March 26 2007

I received an e-mail from the DNC today laying out plans for a new state-by-state strategy. It's not the same old 50-state plan, and should make the GOP cringe. The Democrats plan to put videographers on the ground in ... Read More

"Vote Different" Was Funded

BY Zack Exley | Wednesday, March 21 2007

Why is the "Vote Different" creator still in hiding? There can only be one reason: the project was funded by a well known Obama supporter, or someone with very close and public connections to the Obama campaign. Don't ... Read More

Where's Mitt Romney's Announcement Video?

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, February 13 2007

Update: Stephen B. Smith, Director of Online Communications for the Romney for President Exploratory Committee just emailed to let us know that the Full Announcement Video is on MittTV. Glad to see they are listening. ... Read More