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Daily Digest: Does Obama Need the Netroots?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, March 3 2008

Obama's neglect of the netroots bores progressive bloggers; Obama's broad coalition of supporters, cultivated online, may negate the need for the netroots; dueling "red telephone" ads and a much-needed parody; six ... Read More

Blackroots Press Black Superdelegates

BY Ari Melber | Thursday, February 28 2008

Black netroots activists are pressing the CBC on Obama as John Lewis Ditches Clinton. Read More

Daily Digest: Obama's Got Hopi?

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, February 14 2008

The "Yes We Can" continues to inspire pro-candidate songs good and bad; new petitions call for transparency about the superdelegates and an opening up of the Democratic nomination process; a new way to visualize the ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obamamania Or A Real Movement?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, February 12 2008

MoveOn members funnel more than $500,000 to the Obama campaign, end send out hundreds of thousands of GOTV notes; a new crop of nonprofits are creating political messaging, blurring the line between advocacy and ... Read More

Daily Digest: Online Money Chase in Hyperdrive

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, February 7 2008

Emailing Democratic superdelegates; divining why Silicon Valley voting for Clinton; youth registration and voting keeps rising; rating the best political data visualizations; Obama and Clinton keep raising huge amounts ... Read More