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Gov't is broken. Citizen scrutiny is the bugfix.

BY Micah L. Sifry | Sunday, March 16 2008

Last week at ETech, one of my favorite tech conferences, three Brits convened a delightful panel on "moving theft-based activism to the global stage." The title actually made the discussion sound a bit illicit, when ... Read More

Daily Digest: MySpace Says Young People Dig Politics

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, December 13 2007

A MySpace poll of their users claims that young people are perhaps more politically engaged than older generations; WaPo profiles John McCain, makes another tag cloud; the Slashdot community interviews Garrett Graff, ... Read More

techPresidentTV: Favorite Videos of the Week

BY Joshua Levy | Saturday, September 22 2007

We have so much fun picking out our favorite web videos every week, we thought we'd try something new with our video experiments. In this, our third techPresidentTV video, I look through a handful of our favorite web ... Read More

Best Political Web Videos of the Week

BY Editors | Friday, September 21 2007

It's that time again, when we present our favorite political videos of the week. Some have gone or will go viral, and some will fall by the wayside. But all of them hit some kind of political or cultural note that proves ... Read More

A OneWebDay Challenge

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, September 20 2007

It's OneWebDay on Saturday. C'mon Trippi, Rospars, Daou, Finn, Turk, Tagaris, Carbone, Guerra, Ruszkowski, Phong, Wolf, Harbath, Fedewa, Tabor, Ferry, Lam, Lowen, and Jewell. Whaddya got? Read More