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The Email McCain Could Have Sent

BY Patrick Ruffini | Wednesday, July 11 2007

Last night, I got an email from John McCain filled with typical political happy talk like "Though we have a long, hard road ahead of all of us, I know that with your help, we will prevail," and "Together, I have every ... Read More

Note to GOP: Websites Still Matter

BY Patrick Ruffini | Thursday, July 5 2007

When critics point to the Republican Party's problems online, my response is that our problems aren't online. Our problems are offline, in a cranky base, in a reluctance to truly motivate and inspire cause-oriented ... Read More

82,000 reasons why Web 2.0 matters at every level

BY David All | Thursday, May 31 2007

I say it over and over and over again: The Republican Party lost the Majority in both the House and Senate by a mere 82,000 votes spread out through key races throughout the country. That's it. Most races in the House ... Read More