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Hillary Clinton's Inbox: Citizen Suggestions for Wired Diplomacy

BY Tom Watson | Sunday, March 1 2009

Last week, Secretary Clinton's team at the State Department put up a short post on Dipnote, the departmental blog, asking for suggestions on technology and social media. It asked: "How Might the U.S. Utilize Innovative ... Read More

Following @dipnote: Hillary Clinton Steps Out

BY Tom Watson | Saturday, February 14 2009

She's been uncharacteristically quiet since her confirmation as Secretary of State, but the Obama Administration's other rock star seems poised to change all that with her first big overseas trip to Asia - with the help ... Read More

Daily Digest: America Has a Few (Thousand) Things to Ask Obama

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, December 11 2008

Transition is Open for Questions -- Most of Them, At Least:'s Open for Questions feature opened for business just yesterday morning, as I reported. Already, its first scandal! A few dozen queries about the ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obama as Clinton Redux, in More Ways Than One

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, December 1 2008

History's Lessons for a Wired White House: He was a young Democratic president eager to use technology to open the presidency. Wait, roll back the tape -- we're talking Bill Clinton, circa 1994. Barack Obama, writes ... Read More