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The Europe Roundup: Social Networks and Voting in Italy: is There New Evidence?

BY Antonella Napolitano | Friday, July 8 2011

Italy | Social Networks and Voting in Italy: is There New Evidence? In the past two months Italy has faced a round of elections  – two administrative ballots and a referendum day – which have been unanimously ... Read More

Social + Field + 2012

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, May 27 2011

NationalField, the social network for organizing that grew out of the Obama '08 campaign and which we profiled a few weeks back, rolls out its latest version today, keyed to 2012. Take a look at what the experience will ... Read More

The Strength of Tweet Ties

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, September 28 2010

Down in our comments, North Carolina organizer and general online doer Ruby Sinreich points to a nice post from University of Maryland (Baltimore) sociologist Zeynep Tufekci in which she makes a learned case that Malcolm ... Read More

Between Facebook and a Phone Book, There's "FedSpace"

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, May 3 2010

At the big federal web managers' summit last week, the General Services Administration announced that this fall would see the launch of FedSpace, a social-networking spot of sorts for government types. Federal Times has ... Read More

"Facebook Guy's" Thoughts on Campaigning

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 5 2009

The Hill's Kim Hart has the story on Facebook's run for attorney general in California. Okay, so technically, it's Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly who is in the race, but Kelly concedes that he's well known ... Read More

The Internet Has Not Made You a Hermit

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 5 2009

If you are one, you'll have to find something else to blame. A new report from the fine folks at Pew compares the social isolation and integration of those Americans who regularly use the Internet and mobile phones ... Read More

The White House's Social Graph

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 5 2009

An interesting little outgrowth of the White House's preliminary data release last week of the visitor logs on who came knocking at the White House: the public emergence of, to borrow a term from Facebook, what we might ... Read More

My Own Private SocNet: Defense Dept and Hill Get Customized Networks

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, July 20 2009

At Beth Noveck's event for her new book "Wiki Government" this afternoon in Rockefeller Plaza (write-up forthcoming), the deputy U.S. CTO for open government touched on an intriguing project called Aristotle, a ... Read More