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Tools You Use: Chuck DeFeo on Spredfast

BY Personal Democracy Plus | Monday, July 16 2012

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers, techPresident is asking some of the folks out there on the leading edge of digital politics and government to point out just one tool or service that has become a mainstay, a must-use or just incredibly helpful in their work. There's one rule: It can't be something the person has built or the person's company is selling. We're asking folks to pay some karma forward here and highlight an innovation coming from elsewhere that makes their work easier. Chuck DeFeo is a digital media strategist currently managing digital for the American Center for Law and Justice. Here are his lightly edited comments on Spredfast, a social media engagement and analytics tool. Read More

Politico-Facebook Sentiment Analysis Will Generate "Bogus" Results, Expert Says

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, January 13 2012

Facebook is analyzing its users' status updates, postings and comments that refer to the candidates, and assigning positive and negative values to them, producing a daily track of their supposed ups and downs. It's called "sentiment analysis." It's the heart of the pretty charts and graphs that the two companies rolled out to tout their partnership. And it's total bunk. Read More

VoterTide Shows Political Professionals, The Public Which Conversations And Stories "Have Legs" On Social Networks

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Wednesday, November 16 2011

In the last days stretching up to Massachusetts' special senate election in January 2010, some shadowy conservative group unleashed a negative "Twitter Bomb" messaging campaign against Democratic candidate Martha ... Read More

Facebook Helped the CIA Anticipate #Jan25, AP Reports

BY Nick Judd | Friday, November 4 2011

The Associated Press reports that an outfit within the Central Intelligence Agency predicted the uprising in Egypt earlier this year — by monitoring social media: Yes, they saw the uprising in Egypt coming; they ... Read More