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Hacking the Hunger Games Marketing Campaign in the Name of Social Justice

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, November 25 2013

Will these three fingers mean as much in the real world as they do in Panem?

“Remember who the real enemy is,” implores Katniss Everdeen's mentor and friend, Haymitch Abernathy, in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It is his succinct reminder that the Capitol, and not her fellow Hunger Games competitors, is the real bad guy. It is a message almost entirely lost in the media coverage and marketing campaign surrounding Catching Fire. The Harry Potter Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy organization, is trying to remedy that with a campaign called Odds In Our Favor that highlights the similarities between the inequities of fictional Panem and present-day America. So far, thousands have participated by uploading selfies in which they hold up the three finger salute that symbolizes solidarity and resistance against 'the few who control the many.'

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Study Says Social Movements "Should Never Be Called a Twitter or Facebook Revolution"

BY Jessica McKenzie | Friday, November 22 2013

A report on Digital Activism and Non-Violent Conflict was released this month by the Digital Activism Research Project. It found that the role of hacking and cybercrime in digital activism is grossly overstated by the media and that Facebook and Twitter are the leading platforms for activism on a global scale, but that other tools do well on a smaller, regional scale. The study found no causation or correlation between specific tools and positive outcomes.

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New Insights into Communicating with Congress

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Tuesday, February 8 2011

In the latest installment of the Congressional Management Foundation's Communicating with Congress research series, CMF has teamed up with A More Perfect Union to update its survey-based research on how congressional ... Read More