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Slashdot Founder Rob Malda Joins Washington Post

BY Nick Judd | Monday, March 5 2012

Rob Malda — known to millions as CmdrTaco, the founder and for 14 years chief cat-herder of the tech community and news aggregation site Slashdot — has taken a job at the Washington Post's "WaPo Labs," he announced today. Read More

Daily Digest: Mitt Wins, War Metaphors Abound

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, January 16 2008

Mitt Romney wins Michigan, and the war metaphors get upped a notch; it's not quite clear if Markos had any effect on the primary, and a CNN poll suggests most Dem votes went to McCain; Richard Viguerie launches a pro-Ron ... Read More

Daily Digest: Abridged Mid-Holiday Edition

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, December 26 2007

Will students show up to caucus in Iowa? Maybe, if Facebook can help it; CNET laments the lack of attention paid to tech policy in 2007; the Ron Paul blimp flies while John Edwards is denied funds. Fair?; Garrett Graff ... Read More

Daily Digest: MySpace Says Young People Dig Politics

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, December 13 2007

A MySpace poll of their users claims that young people are perhaps more politically engaged than older generations; WaPo profiles John McCain, makes another tag cloud; the Slashdot community interviews Garrett Graff, ... Read More