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Frictionless Charity: How the Internet is Disrupting the Way We Give

BY Federico Guerrini | Monday, February 3 2014

A woman shows how she has received money directly from donators (credit: GiveDirectly)

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his Timeline profile design back in 2011, he said it would create a “frictionless experience," making the apps you use, the articles you read and the music you listen to automatically shareable on Facebook. Philanthropy is also taking a “frictionless” route – donating can be as simple as sharing a Facebook post or tweeting a string of characters – but this new trend is disrupting the role of charities and how they interact with donors. Read More

Can Celebrities On Twitter Use Their Fame for Good?

BY Miranda Neubauer | Friday, June 22 2012

Actor Josh Charles has often tweeted about his support for high-speed rail and gay marriage rights. Actress Eva Longoria recently tweeted her support for President Obama's new illegal immigration policy. In the future, could such celebrity endorsements all become much more coordinated, mirroring the Kony 2012 effect? That's what singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson is betting on. Yesterday he announced a new initiative to harness Twitter as a tool for celebrities to raise awareness and help promote good causes. One close observer of online activism says this kind of online buzz is nothing but a "silly idea." Read More

Using Facebook in the Arizona Immigration Fight

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, May 4 2010

That interest groups are turning to Facebook and Twitter to organize around the recently passed Arizona immigration laws are, as CBS News' Charles Cooper wrote, "a case of dog bites man." The idea that people are using ... Read More

"Transactional" Organizing in the Age of Obama

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 30 2010

In the latest issue of the American Prospect, DC-based organizer Deepak Bhargava approaches the question of how the movement momentum built up during the Obama campaign translates into the post-election stage, something ... Read More