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The World Without Facebook

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, November 22 2011

Composite map of the world at night versus areas of the world with Facebook. Areas of the world without Facebook are the bright points of light in this false-color map from artist Ian Wojtowicz. Reprinted with permission.

Artist Ian Wojtowicz has created the UnFacebook World Map, a composite of the NASA Earth at Night map and Facebook's Friendship Map:

The above map depicts an important new geopolitical boundary: being inside and outside of Facebook. Over the last few centuries maps have focused on dividing territory into the administrative units of countries. Newer spatial realities, however, are driven by the flow or inhibition of information. One's physical location is just a single variable in the multitude of virtual projections possible in the networked world. Although the borders of countries may still be highly controlled, the movement of thoughts, ideas, and gestures follows more fluid paths.