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White House New Media, On the Road with Joe

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, August 24 2011

Amidst the ascendancy of anti-Gaddafi rebels in Libya, a minor earthquake on the East Coast and President Barack Obama's vacation in Martha's Vineyard, some lesser news might get ignored by the press.

And so it is that Vice President Joe Biden — who isn't doing anything important, really, just embarking the last leg of a trip through Asia that began with the largest single holder of American debt — has been relatively ignored in the news throughout his entire sojourn. In the chart below, the lower graph — of news references relative to Libya and Obama — tells that story.

Source: Google Trends

The White House has stepped in to fill the gap by continuing a video series called "On Board" — packaged more or less the same way a network TV station would prepare the latest instance of a recurring feature — with several videos of Biden's travels through Asia, available on the administration's YouTube page and website. This isn't the first time the White House new media team has gone on assignment for someone other than the president; photo slideshows from foreign visits are common, as are video montages from tours outside D.C. Last summer, for example, the new media team did an "On Board" feature for Dr. Jill Biden's visit to Kenya; earlier this year, a White House videographer accompanied Obama special envoy Gen. Scott Gration to Sudan during the week-long referendum there on South Sudan's independence.