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Want to Do Digital for the Democratic National Convention? You'd Better Know Friendster

BY Nick Judd | Friday, September 30 2011

Here's one line from the requirements listed in a job posting the Democratic National Convention Committee appears to be circulating, as seen on grassroots action website Democratic Gain, for a deputy director of communications for digital media:

Knowledge of (Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Qzone, Habbo, Renren, Windows Live Spaces, Bebo, Tagged, Orkut, Friendster, Badoo, hi5, Foursquare, Google+, Blogs,RSS Feeds, Texting, Mobile, Search Engine Optimization, Video, Rich Media, web analytics, Google Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture)

Orkut and Friendster in particular have been little used in the United States for years, but perhaps the convention committee wants to make sure Democratic Party members living in India and Brazil stay in touch.

(h/t Shaun Dakin)