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USA.Gov Wants You to Hack On What You Click

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, June 30 2011

Federal officials announced yesterday that they'll be hosting a hackathon on July 29 around using the data produced by the federal URL shortening service,

All the data produced by clicks on links from, which is managed by the General Services Administration, is now open to the public as a feed that streams data in JSON format. (JSON is a lightweight format currently favored by developers.)

"Data is created every time someone clicks on a link, which happens about 56,000 times each day," reads a blog post on "Together, these clicks show what government information people are sharing with their friends and networks. No one has ever had such a broad view of how government information is viewed and shared online." is hosting a hackathon in Washington, D.C., and partners — Measured Voice in San Diego, Calif., bitly in New York City and SimpleGeo in San Francsico, Calif. — will also host events the same day.

(With Andrew Seo)