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On Twitter and the White House

BY Nick Judd | Friday, July 1 2011

Writing for the Atlantic, techPresident escapee former associate editor Nancy Scola elegantly raises a hard-to-navigate question — What should people think of the head of a growing American corporation hosting a town hall for the sitting president of the United States?

Twitter isn't Facebook; the former has a reputation for being far more thoughtful than the latter about how it navigates questions of public policy. But it's still an American corporation dedicated to expanding the reach of its product. And @WhiteHouse is still the presidency of the United States of America. What does the White House-Twitter partnership mean when Twitter gets hauled up to Capitol Hill to explain its privacy policy, or comes under federal investigation for its business practices? Does questioning from Jack Dorsey start to look like a replacement for questioning from experienced journalists like, say, CNN's John King?

There's a lot more in the piece, of course, and this point in particular is carefully couched by others — worth a read.