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Things You Probably Won't See in 2012: Ubiquitous, Easy Political Donations Via SMS

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, October 25 2011

Ben Smith points us to this piece by Sam Stein, in which Stein documents the ongoing quest by political campaigns for easy contributions via text message.

The short version is, don't wait up for mobile political giving in 2012. But campaigns have long sought to find ways around restrictive rules from federal regulators and thorny issues of payment with carriers and continue to pursue the possibility, inspired by the speed with which the Red Cross was able to raise money via text message in the wake of the Haiti earthquake:

"Mobile giving is not going to take over online fundraising this cycle," said Stephen Geer, who led Obama's email and online fundraising operations in 2008. "I ran the largest online fundraising operation in the history of politics, and I know what you can and can't do. And I know everyone wants to dream about what the next big thing will be because there is so much money involved, but we are still a few steps away from that."

But that doesn't mean those steps shouldn't be taken, Geer added.

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