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They're Coming to No More

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, April 25 2011

This is at least a little interesting. So, was a site launched in 2008 by then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to serve as a multi-language online home for the State Department's public diplomacy efforts. The Hill's Alicia M. Cohn reports that it has been shuttered, and State is explaining that their refocusing their work on 'push' efforts like Twitter and Facebook:

The manpower once devoted to the site, provided through the State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP), is being redirected toward the department’s “social media assets,” which use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. IIP Deputy Assistant Secretary Duncan MacInnes called it a shift to a “more proactive” Web engagement strategy.

The State Department spokesperson suggested that the shift to third-party sites was validated by the role social media played in Egypt. In her recent "Internet Freedom" speech, Clinton talked about State's plans to have Twitter feed in Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi.