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Stephen Goldsmith, e-Government Advocate, Leaves Bloomberg Administration

BY Nick Judd | Friday, August 5 2011

E-government advocate Stephen Goldsmith is leaving the administration of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for "opportunities" in the private sector, the city announced yesterday.

Goldsmith served just 14 months in office, but while he did, he embraced efforts to modernize city government and use technology to increase its efficiency. Goldsmith is credited by the city in a press release with Gotham's "Change By Us" platform, a sort of social network for New Yorkers who want to change the city, and for efforts to modernize its IT infrastructure. But as deputy mayor of operations, Goldsmith's time in city hall is overshadowed by a non-technological mishap: the city's response to a snowstorm last winter that left streets unplowed for days and senior citizens unable to get to and from their homes. In the wake of that storm, Goldsmith represented the administration to the City Council during an excoriating council hearing.

He will be replaced by Cas Holloway, who moves from his position at the head of the city's Department of Environmental Protection.