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"Side effects may include 'a mountain of government debt'"

BY Nick Judd | Friday, July 22 2011

A video spot on the national debt released July 20 by Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee has gone viral, with over 250,000 hits in two days. (Via Project Virginia)

Set up as a parody of a pharmaceutical commercial — in which a too-good-to-be-true drug promises to cure intractable problems, but the list of potential side effects makes taking it seem to be a Faustian bargain — the ad features a mom struggling to keep her job and feed her family.

"Then I learned about a new miracle drug, made in Washington, D.C.: Spenditol," the "mom" says. "Spenditol is Washington's answer to all the painful problems Americans face."

A narrator cuts in: "Side effects may include a mountain of government debt piled on our kids, a sudden loss of freedoms ..."

You get the idea. One version of the ad ends with a call to ring up Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.); the Wall Street Journal reports the ad was slated to run in Nebraska, Montana and Florida, among other states. Concerned Women for America supported a Republican bill that would cut spending and tie future expenditures to the gross domestic product, among other things — a bill that died today in the U.S. Senate.

Earlier this summer I suggested left was doing better than the right, where the funny is concerned. Conservatives: point awarded.