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Should You Bring Your iPad to the City Council Meeting?

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, May 19 2011

The Boston Globe's Kathy McCabe has a smartly done enterprise story today about the intersection of public meetings and "e-government."

Popping around Massachusetts towns, she compiles a list of anecdotes that sum up the advantages and threats posed by the insinuation of iPads and other gadgets into town public meetings. If town officials are communicating with each other during the meeting, they could be deliberating outside of public view — which violates open meetings laws. Then again, you also have ancedotes like this one about George Rotondo, a councilor at large in Revere, Mass.:

Rotondo said he has also received e-mails during the meetings from constituents watching on cable television at home. He said he has read the contents aloud during the meeting. "It becomes a little interactive at that point, but I don’t believe it breaches the Open Meeting Law."