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Quote of the Day: Claiming No 'Particular Expertise on Games,' Al Gore Predicts the Gamification of Politics

BY Nick Judd | Monday, June 20 2011

It's inevitable that the ubiquity of games will produce among political leaders an awareness that this is a very important part of our culture and civilization. There always comes a moment where they get it and try to figure out a way to respond appropriately. The combination of gamification and social media is a very potent and powerful combination.


— Former Vice President Al Gore, speaking at the Games for Change conference at New York University this afternoon. Claiming "no particular expertise on games" — a sly reference, perhaps, to his storied role, or lack of one, in the creation of the Internet — Gore predicted that games will become more a part of politics as leaders answer three questions: What potential do games have for politics? How can games be used to influence policymakers? And what can we, as social issue game evangelists, do to get political change?

The 45th Vice President of the United States also suggested that games were already an integral part of social life.

"Games," he told the crowd, "are the new normal."

(Reporting by Becky Kazansky)