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OpenPlans 'Graduates' its Open Government Group

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, May 3 2011

OpenPlans, one of the most prolific foundries of new technology for government, announced yesterday that it would roll its open government efforts into another project it has been helping to develop.

OpenPlans' open government group leads the charge on Open311, an increasingly popular standard specification, among other projects. That group will become part of Civic Commons, a fledgling initiative to foster the sharing and use of open source software in government, OpenPlans Senior Director Nick Grossman announced in an email to supporters.

OpenPlans' transportation group, which recently delivered on a contract to develop a pilot real-time bus tracking project in Brooklyn for New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is also getting its own leadership. It was previously part of OpenPlans' civic works group; now it will have two co-directors of its own, Jeff Maki and Kevin Webb.

I reached out to Grossman via email; he says he's traveling and unavailable to offer more details just now, but more announcements are coming from the organization soon.